Cloud storage on Cloudoon

Cloud storage involves maintaining, managing and giving users access to the data through the Internet. The physical storage consists of several servers owned and managed by a hosting company. It is the responsibility of the cloud storage provider to ensure that data is made accessible to the client when needed. Organisations use cloud storage to store user, application and organisation data. Cloud storage is useful for backups and disaster recovery and ensures that in case of emergency the company still has access to its data.

Cloudoon is a reliable business email hosting solution that will facilitate smooth running of your business. Cloudoon’s email service, Cloudoon, provides all these services and many more additional tools. It is a collaboration platform as good as Exchange and better than G suite. Cloudoon is a dedicated email hosting service introducing new levels of email service and reliability and security. Some of the benefits of using Cloudoon cloud storage include:

Cost- We ensure that we offer best email hosting service at affordable prices. We have different plans (Gold, Silver, Bronze) each with prices for the 1 year plan, 2 year plan and 3 year plan.

Data management: Cloudoon manages data stored on Cloudoon for the client and handles any issues that arise. This spares the client the time that would have been spent on managing data by themselves.

Availability: Data stored in Cloudoon can be accessed anywhere and at any time as long as there is Internet connectivity.

Scalability: Autoscale allows automatic scaling up and down of infrastructure resources based on load. Autoscale is designed to handle natural business cycle, providing just the optimum resource, we know during certain events business experience unprecedented traffic and some other times little or no traffic. This ensures more flexibility and large storage space.

24/7 personalized support: Clients have access to excellent support provided by our team of Sales and Product engineers on 24/7 basis. We ensure that we handle any issues that arise to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Easy to use and adopt: Cloudoon is very easy to learn. It also has free migration tools that make it easy to migrate.

Data Recovery: This is especially suitable for emergencies such as when the company loses data, which can cause huge losses. Cloudoon creates a backup of the files stored. These files are stored in a remote location. They are accessible at any time.

Backups: Cloudoon can act as a backup plan in case of data loss. Data stored on cloud will be safe from loss.

Data sharing: Data stored in Cloudoon can easily be shared with colleagues in a safe and secure manner. It allows employees to work together on a project. Cloudoon provides tools that will allow users to collaborate on documents even in different locations.

Cloudoon is the best dedicated email hosting provider. Cloudoon  provides specialized and dedicated email hosting solutions for businesses and professionals who cannot afford to miss mail. For more information visit our website



Cloudoon Mail for SMEs

Organisations such as small medium enterprises need a secure and reliable cloud hosting solution to store data.  Cloudoon provides a secure business email hosting solution. We offer reliable email servers for businesses and professionals at very cheap and affordable prices. Our support staff is available 24/7 to handle management of your organisation’s email servers to ensure that the service is up and running at all times, also to handle any technical issues that may arise during the use of the service. By using an email hosting solution, SMEs can save money as using email hosting is cheaper compared to purchasing servers and hiring IT staff to manage it.

Cloudoon is a dedicated email hosting service introducing new levels of email service and reliability and security. All the services offered in Cloudoon are built to improve your organisation’s productivity. The services offered within Cloudoon include cloud storage 50GB per account in Gold, 25GB per account in Silver and 15GB per account in Bronze. Other tools offered include shared documents, email aliases, antivirus and spam guard to prevent spam mail, contact manager, notes, calendar, event manager, Video Conferencing, Team Workspace and Whiteboard for collaboration. It is a collaboration platform as good as Exchange and better than G suite. We offer backup for your data in case of data loss or server failure. Migration is free and email is ad free. It is accessible through multiple web clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail. Also, there is real time data sync of data across all devices such as smartphone, computer, web client. It also comes free of ads and migration is free. Cloudoon offers the secure and reliable professional mail. It is a service that allows you to launch email solutions within minutes.

We offer different payment plans such as 1 year plan, 2 year plan and 3 year plan, all at affordable prices. For more information visit our website,